Wireless Institute publishes racist Editorial


The editor of the Wireless Institute of Australia’s Amateur Radio magazine has published some derogatory comments on page 2 of Volume 89, Number 4, 2021.

VicNews has chosen not to re-publish the offending material and provided a statement from the Board of the Wireless Institute of Australia:

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) Board of Directors has become aware of wording and language that may be construed as racially offensive and/or sexist that has appeared in the most recent edition of Amateur Radio Magazine (AR Magazine) Issue 4.

The comments appeared in an article under the heading Editorial.

The WIA profusely apologises for any hurt or offence that these comments may have caused. We value diversity, inclusion and respect. The WIA are working hard to create this within the Amateur Radio Community.


The events that have occurred are totally unacceptable to the WIA Board and despite the Board was not aware of its inclusion in the magazine, nor had the opportunity to read the article prior to publication, the Board accepts full responsibility for what has taken place.

The views and opinions expressed in the article are those of the author and are not endorced [sic] by the WIA.

The current digital version of the AR Magazine will be removed temporarily whilst this article is re-edited and then access restored. Unfortunately, the printed version of the magazine is now in distribution and cannot be retracted. However, an apology will be included in the next edition of AR magazine and will appear on the WIA website and social media mediums.

The WIA Board will undertake a full review of the events that have occurred and ensure processes are put in place to prevent any such repeat of this unacceptable situation.

On behalf of the WIA Board, our sincere apology to any member or individual that read this article and may have been offended by the remarks made.

DISCLOSURE: The co-owner of Geelan Media Pty Ltd, Ashley Geelan, is a member of the Wireless Institute of Australia.