Kinglake’s bush kinder kids show off talent



Visitors to the Kinglake Library have been wowed in recent weeks by the artistic efforts of the Kinglake Ranges Children’s Centre bush kindergarten.

The Centre’s children have created an amazing photo exhibition, capturing with technology what they were seeing with their own eyes.

The exhibition includes 22 photos the children took using a mixture of technologies.

The subjects include wildflowers, bugs, mushrooms and trees and the playful titles were also created by our budding artists.

Councillor Sandice McAulay (Community Services) said the exhibition was a fabulous insight into how our children see their world.

“Wow – This display really is remarkable,” Cr McAulay said. “Bush kinder is something most city children don’t have the opportunity to experience and it is a wonderful opportunity for our local children to get out and explore their natural environment and learn how precious it is.”

“Come and have a look at what the children have captured – it is pretty awe-inspiring,”  Cr McAulay said.