Old school drug stash in Ararat

Eagle-eyed uniform police located drugs hidden inside a VCR in Ararat yesterday afternoon.


Police were patrolling the Western Highway when they came across a Mercedes parked behind a roadhouse about 5pm.

They spoke to the 48-year-old driver who quickly admitted that he was driving without a licence.

But it was an old VCR in the car that drew the attention of police.

On closer examination, the old video player was found to contain 29 grams of heroin and 57 grams of methylamphetamine secreted inside.

A further search of the vehicle located more than $1600 and a large number of power tools as police will conduct enquiries to determine if the tools are stolen.


The Horsham man was arrested and charged with a number of offences including drug possession and unlicensed driving.

He was remanded in custody and his car was impounded for 30 days.