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All the latest in tech news. From iPhones, to macs, computing, amateur radio, communications gear, AI, 3D printing and more. We discuss, review and wonder what will be next.

Commodore AMIGA 2000 computer stock

30 years since Australia first connected to the internet, we’ve come a long way

VicNews was using the internet before it existed publicly using packet radio, Hellscreiber, APRANET, ALOHA using the AX.25 standard. Today, it's called the internet.

Nationwide Telstra failure … again

Telstra is again scrambling to restore a national outage that has left bank customers unable to use EFTPOS or ATMs.

ACMA finds Telstra fails … again

Two Telstra customers with serious, chronic health conditions were unable to use their Telstra landline service. In both cases, the customers passed away.

NASA, La Trobe Uni and State Government launch space camera

Victoria's Minister for Industry and Employment Ben Carroll is ecstatic as Victoria cemented itself as a leader in space technology with an advanced high-resolution camera, designed to more accurately monitor the Earth’s ecosystem.

Facebook suspends developer tools

Protecting people’s information is the 'most important thing Facebook does,' Mark Zuckerberg stated after suspending Facebook's developer tools following 'a crackdown on platform abuse.'

NBN for Yea by May

Following major criticism in the media and issuing an apology, NBN Co appears to have picked up its act announcing it will soon start work on installing the national broadband network (NBN) in Yea.

Telstra NBN fails again

ON 17 JULY VicNews called Telstra to arrange switching over from ADSL to the NBN. Without notice, Telstra shut down VicNews ADSL (and landline) service at 9:36am on Friday, 21 July.